As the former face and voice of Apple, Jeff Goldblum is no stranger to hawking sleek gadgets. Now, the incomparable 61-year-old actor, star of '90s mega-blockbusters (“Jurassic Park,” “Independence Day”) and horror fare of both the horticultural and entomological variety (“Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” “The Fly”), is back selling iPhone-controlled LEDs in a light bulb ad to end all light bulb ads.

The light bulb in question is the “commercially viable” Link LED from GE, the mega-conglomerate’s entrant in the increasingly crowded smart LED playing field in which a modest starting price ($14.95) is emphasized over bells and whistles. I’ve yet to try out GE’s much-touted new bulb (I’m a Cree guy, myself) but after watching the deliriously weird Goldblum-starring advert, I’m sold. If they’re good enough for Goldblum, they’re good enough for me. The miracle of viral marketing at work, folks.

It helps that I also consider myself a fan of the two-minute commercial’s directors, Adult Swim’s Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (aka Tim & Eric). Heidecker and Wareheim, who also worked with Goldblum in “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie,” teamed with agency BBDO to create an outré/ridiculous faux light bulb infomercial titled “Enhance Your Lighting” that takes their typically surrealist comedic style to the hilt.

In the GIF gold mine of a spot, Goldblum — and a marvelously coifed headpiece — appears as “famous person” Terry Quattro, a super-slick gent whose passions include tickling the ivories while soaking in a hot tub, self-portraiture, moist towelettes and “really great lighting.” The set design is very “Behind the Candelabra” meets “Earth Girls Are Easy” (another Goldblum gem) and I love it.

But will off-kilter humor and a beloved character actor be enough to send consumers scurrying off to Home Depot — or “lighting servants” scurrying on their behalf — to invest in a $15 light bulb with WiFi connectivity? The jury’s still out but it looks like GE is having a whole lot of fun trying. 

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