I expect we will be seeing many more backlit, voice-modified whistleblower videos in the weeks and months to come, as more and more employees inside BP's Gulf cleanup and media operation decide enough is enough.

A local news channel in Houston, Texas, was able to get one employee — who was hired to receive calls for BP — on the condition of anonymity to spill the beans about the company's mistreatment of sometimes desperate call-ins from Gulf residents affected by the BP oil catastrophe. 

According to KHOU (Channel 11 in Houston) more than 200,000 phone calls have been received by BP from distressed Gulf residents since they set up their call centers, but as the woman named "Janice" described, the messages left go nowhere. Knowing this, many of the call center workers just jot down "Blah, Blah, Blah." 

Many people in need of urgent assistance are deceived into thinking their messages are being formally documented, but it's clear that BP's ineptitude extends to the simple task of taking phone messages. One more strike in a growing list of what not to do when you are responsible for the world's biggest environmental disaster. Here's the vid:

Let the BP whistleblowing begin
With increased resentment building against BP, some insiders turned whistleblowers are calling out the company's unethical behavior.