Note: this is a guest post from Catherine Day of Link TV. I asked Catherine to describe one of television's best-kept secrets on environmental programming -- Link TV.

You might have heard about China’s plans to build more than 20 dams along the Yangtze to harness their hydropower, but what has gone seemingly unreported in the news is the fact that all the major rivers in Asia are drying up. Over time it is predicted that all of the these lifeline rivers are going to become seasonal with the melting of the glaciers, resulting in mass famine trickling all the way down through Pakistan and even Vietnam. So what is going to be the point of all these dams? Shouldn’t China be thinking differently?

One thing is for sure -- Link TV viewers are. This small independent (and nonprofit) channel has been around for 10 years, and if you’ve managed to find it in your satellite channel surfing, you’ve most likely caught a glimpse of the world that has been marginalized in mainstream media. The channel’s mission is to bring an international perspective to Americans that they most likely won’t find anywhere else on television.

If I had to recommend one show to start watching on Link TV, it would be our environmental magazine, Earth Focus. The latest episode, Earth Focus 14, will tell you how solar power has improved living conditions in some of the world’s most remote areas. It has even saved a rare species of crane in Bhutan.

Earth Focus 15, due for a release in early August, is going to show Link TV viewers how the United States military plans to green their operations. Executive Producer and creator Raisa Scriabine told me this morning that this new episode is almost ready to go— she is waiting on some footage of hybrid vehicles from the Department of Defense. Be sure to check it out online or on the air.

Link TV is a 501(c)(3) available on Channel 9410 on Dish Network and Channel 375 on DirecTV.

Catherine Day works with Link TV and has helped the channel modernize its distribution, content and branding. In addition, Catherine works with many local sustainability projects, businesses and social innovators in the California vortex of media, sustainability and technology.

Link TV's global perspective
Guest blogger Catherine Day dives into Link TV's global investigative reporting.