The Indian tech firm Lechal is working on a project set to release this fall that merges insertable footbeds with your smartphones to do things like track the number of steps you take, alert you if you leave your phone behind, and, perhaps most interestingly, help you navigate a path between two points in a city by buzzing left or right to indicate the direction to turn (as directed by Google Maps).

Lechal will offer its own style of shoe as well as a stand-alone footbed that can be put into existing footwear, a good option considering the ugly-looking (in my opinion) Lechal shoe. (They're kind of like futuristic space-elf booties.)

I'm not sure if the idea of sensors in the footbed will work out in the long run, but I applaud the experiment that Lechal is running with its marketing and development budgets. Sensors are going to be a big part of our lives in the future, and it could very well turn out to be that footbed sensors become as ubiquitous as smartphones are now. Probably not, but maybe. I'd give footbed sensors better odds than something like Google Glass.

Check out this video for Sensoria, a sensor-laden sock for data-hungry runners.

Sensoria Fitness Shirt with Heart Rate Sensors from Sensoria Inc on Vimeo.

There's a great future in sensors. Think about it. Will you think about it?*

* Apologies to "The Graduate."

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No sense of direction? Vibrating shoes could help
Lechal's smart footbeds promise to directly interact with Google Maps via your smartphone, buzzing on the left or right depending on which way you should go.