I may have to start a weekly feature on applications of OLED technology -- organic light-emitting diodes. Since the advent of this ground-breaking technology (back in 2006) industrial designers have been flocking to a material with almost limitless design applications.

Last week I wrote about the OLED video passport. This week, Inhabitat (via Ubergizmo) spotted a young designer's prototype for the super-cool  'Black & White' OLED clock, which I am nominating for the "has to hit IKEA by 2010" award.

The clock is made up of four individual wireless units, each of which contains a light sensor. When the room is dark, the small battery causes the surface of each number to glow. When the sun strikes it, the sensor dims the number back to its default black color.

Designer Vadim Kibardin has completed the prototype and is currently looking for a manufacturer.

OLED clock shade-shifts with the sun
The 'Black & White' clock uses organic LEDs to shift brightness according a room's ambient light levels.