Ultra energy-efficient OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology promises to change the way we illuminate our buildings, watch TV and now... get checked at airport security.

Samsung just released the prototype of its new flexible OLED thin film video passport. The passport contains a small "video" (really a series of images) that simulates a 360 view of the passport holder's head. The moving image is displayed on a thin film page that contains an active matrix of pixels, each of which are independently controlled by an energy source.

In this case that energy source is simply radio frequencies. There are no batteries or cables involved. Moving the passport closer to a tuned radio source lights up the video of the passport holder.

What do you say but.. wow!

For a sampling of some remarkable OLED displays including video glass check out XC95131's channel on Youtube.

OLED technology 'lights up' e-passport
Samsung's Video-enabled passport is powered by radio frequencies.