Just when you thought there couldn't be one more Kindle killer, Barnes & Noble comes out with a brand new digital book reader called "the nook."

The device is very similar to the Kindle in size and price ($259) but it includes a full-color touchscreen! It also has a nifty browser function that lets you pan through full-color book cover icons to select your book, similar to the touchscreen panning feature of the iPhone.

The device is 3G, so according to the Barnes & Noble website you can download over a million titles in seconds rather than minutes, and B & N is letting users flip through any book for free prior to purchasing it. This "bookstore in a box" functionality is paired with a new technology called E ink which lets the user zoom in at random and maintain a crisp resolution on the text. 

Barnes & Noble has announced that the supplies of the Nook available for delivery before Christmas have been depleted and as of last Friday, anyone who orders will get a certificate to put under the tree that says the Nook will be delivered in January. Reuters reports that Sony has also announced it has run out of supplies of its new reader as well.  Artificial shortage or real demand? We'll let you know after the holidays. Meanwhile, are any of you planning to try out an e-reader? 

OMG ... another Kindle killer
Barnes & Noble announces the Nook an e-Reader that matches the Kindle in price but includes full color.