In addition to the convenience, security and energy savings offered by smart LED lighting, the bulbs themselves also serve as a sort of nifty 21st century parlor trick — that is, tech-savvy pranksters can instill some grade-A heebie jeebies (think: flickering lights, a poltergeist-infested bedside lamp, a bathroom that suddenly turns blood red, etc.) into any unsuspecting houseguest by simply opening a smartphone app.

Thanks to the LED innovators at Philips portability now also comes into play with the arrival of a nifty smart lamp that can be used to a set a distinct mood pretty much anywhere you want it to thanks in part to a built-in rechargable battery. Dubbed the Philips Hue Go, this wireless addition to the Hue family is described as a “portable center piece” that “delivers total freedom with light.”

Boasting sleek, salad bowl-esque curves appropriate for any tabletop, Philips Hue Go, much like its non-portable/fixture-bound brethren, boasts endless color customization — users can choose from 16 million (yes, million) colors via the Philips Hue app for iPhone and Android. Plus, the lamp, which also features a control button on the unit itself for when a smartphone isn't handy, boasts five custom color combinations — or "natural dynamic effects" as Philips calls them — for single-touch mood-setting: Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest and Night Adventure. Preset cool daylight and warm white light settings are also available for less festive/more functional moments.

Explains Philips connected home guru Sridhar Kumaraswamy in a news statement

We envisage all lights to be connected. Put simply, lighting is now central to the Internet of Things and we see Philips Hue as the go-to lighting brand for the home. With Philips Hue Go we are building further on our ecosystem, enabling people to experience light in a new way. People can take the light wherever they want, creating the light that suits their moment, taste or mood. It gives people even more choice for how they wish to bring the fun and impact of connected lighting into their homes.
Awesome. However, one large and important question remains: can Philips Hue Go also venture outside?

The short answer is yes ... but with care. With a battery life of up to three hours when removed from its base, Philips Hue Go is a shoo-in for al fresco entertaining during the summer months: romantic candle-less dinners in the garden, late night dance parties on the lanai and backyard camping expeditions. As long at the lamp is connected to the Hue Bridge and within range of a user's wireless network it can be used outdoors. However, Philips is quick to point out that the Hue Go is not waterproof or weather-rated and should not permanently live outside or be used in uncovered spaces during “strong weather.”

And when it comes to outdoor mood-setting, the 6-watt (12W when it's in recharging mode) Philips Hue Go couldn’t be released at a better time: it launches in Europe this April with a stateside release slated for June. It's retail price is set at $100. 

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Philips Hue Go LED lamp offers untethered light
Described as a 'portable center piece,' Philips newest smart LED is a super-versatile mood-setter.