Philips made an impressive contribution to the electronics world with the introduction of a smart sensor in their 7000 LCD TV.  The sensor monitors the light levels of the room and adjust the light output of the television as needed, giving you a better viewing experience while saving energy.  An internal chip also takes into account the type of show you are watching as well as your personal preferences, and like the Prius and the new Ford Focus, there is a cool little display that shows you how much energy you are saving.

Retailing for about $1700, it is estimated that the 42" LCD Eco TV will use up to 17% less energy than a typical 42" television.  In addition, Philips has endeavored to reduce the environmental impact of the product by reducing its weight and packaging significantly. The 7000 series is now part of the new and growing family of Green Logo products put out by Philips.  Other products include light bulbs, home audio systems and a portable DVD player.

Philips has now joined the growing number of manufacturer websites that offer personal calculators and energy-saving tips.  So if you want to learn how to reduce your energy consumption or "vow" to take action, you can check out their website called A Simple Switch.  According to the site 1.8 million light bulbs have been switched out, the equivalent of shutting down 4 coal-fired power plants.

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