After five years of R & D, Prysm a start-up company in Silicon Valley announced this week that it has created a brand new technology called LPD — Laser Phosphor Display. It will be unveiling its first display next month at the ISE conference in Europe.

The displays are ultra-efficient because they use lasers in rapid on-off pulses aimed at phosphors which glow red, green or blue to create each pixel in perfect, crisp color. Most displays have constant background illumination, so LPD is claiming it can reduce the energy loads of a typical large-screen display by 75 percent or more.

The displays also use inexpensive and nontoxic elements to create the picture, so they are both cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

There are no current plans to get these on to the market for consumers, but since they are so energy-efficient Prysm hopes there will be rapid adoption for architectural applications — digital signage in airports and megatron-scale displays in sports arenas.

via: Fast Company

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