Mother Jones has a really interesting story up about researchers at a Dutch university who are working to develop a video game called Pig Chase that is playable by both farmers and their pigs. The game allows human players to control lights on a large touchscreen set in the pig pens that can be chased and touched by the pigs. European regulations require pig farmers to provide their animals with mentally stimulating activities to cut down on boredom and aggression, something I would love to see adopted in the U.S. (though I'm not holding my breath).


Check out this video game in action.


Playing with Pigs: Pig Chase from Utrecht School of the Arts on Vimeo.



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Pig Chase: European farmers playing video games with their pigs
Pig Chase is an innovative new video being developed that will be played by both farmers and their pigs. (You read that right, it's a video game for pigs.)