A while back I wrote about the Climate Savers Initiative, a consortium of the WWF, the DOE, Intel, Google and a host of other companies working to help consumers reduce the amount of energy they spend on their computers. According to their new campaign called "Power Down for the Planet" most computers waste half the energy they pull from the plug.

To encourage some viral activity around the issues, they are currently holding a video challenge — to develop original video that explains the importance of conserving energy and how to do it. Suggested themes to address:

* How do we spread the word about slowing climate change through energy efficient computing?

* How do poor computing practices waste energy?

* What will the impact of better power management have on our environment?

* What does sustainable computing mean to you

Prizes will include cash, custom bikes, laptops and software. Check it out here. So far, the videos aren't so great, so the competition looks wide open for someone with some clever ideas.

'Power Down for the Planet' video challenge
Climate Savers launches video competition to encourage energy efficiency.