I'm looking forward to attending tomorrow's Sustainable Energy Expo in Washington, D.C. The morning will be kicked off by presentations from members of Congress, most notably renewable energy pioneer Sen. Mark Udall from Colorado.

The 12th annual expo is being put on by the Sustainable Energy Coalition (SEC), a membership organization for renewable energy businesses and organizations, in conjunction with the U.S. Senate Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Caucuses.

The Expo will be featuring the latest advances in both renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. I'm copying in the impressive list of attending organizations which includes the U.S EPA (Energy Star), most all of the renewable energy trade associations, and an interesting organization called 25 x '25, which was started by a group of ranchers, foresters and farmers who set the lofty goal of providing 25% of the U.S. energy demand by 2025 by implementing solar, wind and other renewable energy projects on their lands.

25 x '25

Abengoa Solar

AFC First Financial Corp.

American Council on Renewable Energy

American Wind Energy Association

Beacon Power

Biomass Coordinating Council

Biomass Thermal Energy Council

Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Capstone Turbine Corporation

Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing

Clean Fuels Development Coalition

Constellation Energy

Demand Response/Smart Grid Coalition


Ecobuild America



Environmental & Energy Study Institute

Geothermal Energy Association

GridWise Alliance

Hearth & Home Technologies

I-Imagine Studio

KONARKA Technologies, Inc.

National Hydrogen Association

National Hydropower Association

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

National Venture Capital Association

North Carolina Solar Center

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.

Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition

PAX Scientific, Inc.

Pellet Fuel Institute

Polar Power, Inc.

Positive Energy

Qteros, Inc.

Renewable Fuels Association

Sage Electrochromics

Semiconductor Industry Association

Sky Wind Power

Sol Inc. (Solar Outdoor Lighting)

Solar Energy Industries Association

Solena Group

Solyndra Inc.

Southwest Windpower

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance

Standard Solar

Sterling Planet


The Stella Group, Ltd.

UNI-SOLAR/Energy Conversion Devices - Ovonics

US Fuel Cell Council & Fuel Cells 2000

I'm working on a compendium of cleantech elevator pitches, so I will be bringing my video camera to document as many as possible. So Watch for those in the nest few days.

Did you Know??

The SEC, I noticed also has an amazing collection of factoids on just about every aspect of the renewable energy business sector, and they are encouraging us to spread the word. So if you click on the links below you can read a list of...

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