Green still seems to be a winning feature when it comes to design competitions, and this year's Consumer Electronics Association i-Stage competition, which previews innovative electronics products before they hit the market, proved no exception. Both the top prize and the runner-up, announced this morning, are eco-friendly electronic gadgets.

Regen CEO Gary Shapiro hopes to "... change the way people generate and use power" by giving them portable power devices. The Renu portable solar panel brings together sleek design with multi-use flexibility. It has a series of extensions that can charge audio and light devices, as well as iPhones, via a USB plug.

It has a peg leg attachment that allows you to change the angle of the panel to maximize solar gain. And since it has a built-in rechargeable battery, you can create power during the day and use it at night. The device was voted the "fan favorite" and so received an additional $2,500.

The runner-up is an eco-friendly digital reader much like the Kindle and Plastic Logic. But the eDGe dual book by Entourage Systems adds in a web browser, note-taking tools, and video. 

You can learn more about the i-Stage competition on the CEA website.

ReNu solar charger takes top Consumer Electronics prize
Regen gives solar power a high-design finish. The result... $40,000 from the Consumer Electronics Association.