I jumped at the chance to test out a pair of Vers 1E earphones after I was contacted by their PR agency (one of the perks of being a green blogger). While I'll never give up my full-sized over-the-ear headphones, it's nice to have a small pair of earbuds for running or when you don't want to carry around the bulkier over-the-ear set. The Vers 1E comes with a felt-lined metal holding tin made with recycled materials that is perfect for stashing them away when they're not needed and has different-sized interchangeable soft silicon ear nubs that can be swapped in and out for a better fit.


The Vers 1E sounds great. While I'm certainly no audiophile, the sound from the Vers 1E sounds noticeable clearer than the pair of stock white iPod earbuds that I had been using and not too far from the quality sound of my over-the-ear headphones. The cord comes with a small pause/play button that doubles as a microphone so they can be used with an iPhone, iPod, or any other smart phone/device. I use Skype on my iPod Touch to make a lot of my phone calls, and the Vers 1E have served me well whenever I've had occasion to use them.


Vers also offers the Vers 7E earphones, which promises to kick in enhanced bass for just $20 more.


Full disclosure: Vers sent me the headphones to review for free.


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Review: The Vers 1E earphones
The Vers 1E packs a lot of sound into a small package wrapped in sustainably sourced bamboo.