Are you in a frenzy to find out the latest details of Prince William and soon-to-be Princess Kate's wedding plans? Need to brush up on your royal ettitiqute before the big event? (Just how does one curtsey to a queen?)  Want to see what Prince William would look like if he were wearing a royal wedding gown? There's an app for that. (Even that last one, ridiculous as it may sound.)

In fact, there are several. Here's a quick rundown:

Westminster Abbey: Old school meets new technology in this new Abbey app that gives Android, iPhone and iPad users 3-D access to the historic royal church. The app lets users across the globe take a tour of the church and even take a virtual walk up the aisle of Westminster Abbey in preparation of the wedding.

Dressing the Royals: It's Buckingham Palace meets Fashion Plates in this bizarre-yet-amusing iPhone app that let users dress and undress the royal family. Pick a background, pick an royal, and pick an outfit to make the look complete. Even Monty, William’s brother’s dog, joins in on the fun and can be dolled up for the big day.

NBC's Royal Wedding: Of the two dozen or so royal wedding apps on the market, NBC's stands out as the best place for up-to-date info on the main event. The iPhone and iPad app includes all of the latest wedding news, as well as tons of photos, and an interactive family tree for exploring the entire extended royal family. 

Royal wedding? Of course there's an app for that
Need the latest details on William and Kate's big day or want a tour of Westminster Abbey? Never fear, there's an app for that.