I'm trying to add up in my head how many electronic devices, sunglasses, keys and other small high-value items I've lost over the years (It still hurts when I think about those limited edition Philippe Starck sunglasses).

You see, though I'm a green blogger and pride myself on keeping my stuff for as long as possible, I do also possess a terrible propensity inherited from my absent-minded grandfather for losing things.

Now there is a way to label and code stuff so if anything gets lost, the finder can go online, enter the number and find me. The website, called SendMeHome is free (after a $3.99 label kit purchase) and allows the user to post and code numerous objects and offer rewards for specific items.

Hopefully the company will do well and expand into Location Based Services (LBS) which take advantage of GPS sensors to track everything from a your car to your kid. As reported on Business Exchange, ABI Research predicts that LBS will be a $13 billion business by 2013 (it was about $500 million last year).

SendMeHome: Digital lost and found
Online service reunites missing gadgets with their rightful owners.