The number one complaint about the iPhone (after its almost unusable texting interface) is that it lacks stamina. A heavy iPhone user has to plan his or her day around what I call the "6 p.m. bonk," when the average 3G iPhone runs out of juice. If you forgot to bring your charger cord or don't have access to a plug, you are out of luck.

Finally there is a portable power solution approved by Apple for the iPhone and iPod — the Solar Surge by Novothink. Inhabitat unveiled the sleek and sexy case which has a solar PV backing and can apparently transform two hours of sunlight into an extra 30 minutes of 3G talk time with up to four hours of power stored in the integrated lithium battery. 

Available in four sexy colors, the Solar Surge makes a bold statement about the future of "green" design. 

Solar Surge your iPhone
Finally a way to keep your iPhone from bonking out midday ... a solar-powered case called the Solar Surge by Novothink.