Interested in trimming the time that you spend indulging on your daily morning date — a hot date, to be sure — with Dr. Bronner, Paul Mitchell, and the gang but find shower heads with built-in LED interfaces a bit too flashy for your taste?

Meet Sprāv, the latest entrant into a growing category of gizmos that gently remind you to rinse off and finish up before you turn into a prune-fingered water-waster. Initially developed by a trio of undergrads at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland as, according to Co.Exist, an “extra credit project” that challenged engineering students to develop a technology that reduces home energy and water consumption, Sprāv is certainly the smartest gadget specifically geared to reduce the duration of showers that I've come across.

Basically, it’s a tiny little clip-on water meter powered by a long-lasting coin cell battery that you simply snap on to the supply pipe behind your existing shower head with zero tools needed. Easy as that. The Sprāv Kickstarter campaign homepage explains the technology behind it all:

Sprāv senses water temperature through the pipe and acoustically monitors water flow. By determining flow acoustically, Sprāv doesn't need to be inline with the water stream. This means that there is no leaking, no Teflon tape, and no mess. Just clip it on and start saving. During showers, Sprāv will give you visual and audible cues so that you know your water and energy consumption in real-time, allowing you to cut your shower costs by 10-20 percent per year. Sprāv does not cut off or restrict water flow, so you are always in control of how much (or little) you want to save.

Much like devices such as Uji or the Waterpebble, Sprāv changes colors – green, yellow, and red – to reflect current water consumption but, in an ingenious departure, also boasts Bluetooth connectivity so that users can easily “monitor resource consumption in real-time as well as view periodic usage reports and savings” via a complementary app for iPhone, Android and tablets. There are also plans to incorporate social media features and personalized utility rate information into the Sprāv app.

Pretty simple and potentially hugely effective, right? As mentioned, after two years of development Sprāv is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to crowdsource a total of $80,000 — crucial funds that would help move the gadget into the production stage. A pledge of $49 will get you a chrome-plated Sprāv while $59 while get you a “premium” nickel-plated model.

And something to ponder the next time you step into the shower: According to the Sprāv team, if all shower-takers in the U.S. cut the length of time that they spend cleaning their bods by just one single minute, it would be the equivalent of taking 6 million cars off the road in terms of CO2 emission reduction.

Sprav water-saving device

More on the technology behind Sprāv and how you can help bring it to market over at Kickstarter.

Via [Co.Exist]

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Sprav: A little clip-on gizmo for the shower that helps you save big
The student-designed Sprāv is a simple gadget that aims to help hot water hoggers save on utility costs by keeping their daily showers short and sweet.