It seems that every month I write about another Sprint green product. They have initiated a green trajectory that is moving faster than almost any other Fortune 500 company, and this month they are starting to wear their green pride on their sleeves -- by launching a "green" section in their retail stores.

The stores will now feature a lineup of Sprint's latest green products including:

• eco-friendly universal cases made out of recyclable materials (left)

• a universal charger system that will work for all electronic devices

• SOLIO -- the solar powered cell phone charger

• and of course the "biodegradable" Reclaim phone by Samsung

In this week's press release, Ralph Reid, VP of corporate responsibility at Sprint has this to say:

"Sprint currently offers more eco-friendly accessories than any other U.S. telecommunications company. Sprint is a leader in the wireless industry with its environmental efforts, as shown by the launch of the Samsung Reclaim, a growing portfolio of eco-friendly accessories and our ambitious wireless recycling efforts."
Sprint also took the opportunity this week to announce several major corporate initiatives including a 90 percent phone collection and recycling rate and a partnership with the Nature Conservancy's Adopt-an-Acre program.

It strikes me that with all the free press Sprint is getting over their green initiatives that other telecom companies would follow suit, but so far Sprint appears to have emerged as the cell phone world's green maverick.

Sprint stores add 'green' section
Sprint adds yet another green line of products, and this time it's eco-accessories for your cell phone.