Active Media Products recently partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to create an innovative (and very cute) flash drive shaped like a panda bear.

It's a pretty great idea ... the panda is soft and squishy (so it sort of doubles as an anti-stress toy) and it is free of lead, mercury and PVC. What makes it particularly eco-friendly is that 5 percent of the purchase price goes to the World Wildlife Fund to support its conservation efforts.

The panda drive is available in 2, 4, 8, & 16 Gig sizes, the largest being $43, and on the way -- penguin and polar bear flash drives. I like the fact that the WWF has come up with a gift idea that is both adorable and practical, and it does make an interesting correlation between saving data and saving the planet.

But I do wish the contribution were at least 10 percent, given the fairly low price point. For more details and to buy the drives check out the Active Media website.

The World Wildlife Fund has been one of the leading conservation organizations working to protect the panda and other endangered species. In working with the government of China, WWF helped rescue the species which was on the brink of extinction.

Though there are now 42 panda reserves in China, the species is still endangered and fundraising to protect these lovable creatures is still important. To learn more about the WWF's progress, check out the World Wildlife Fund website

Store your data... in a panda
'Green' panda flash drive is nontoxic and benefits the World Wildlife Fund.