Where has Sugru been all my life?

Sugru is a putty-like substance that sets overnight to become a strong, flexible silicon. After you open up a packet of Sugru (they come in a variety of colors), you have 30 minutes to mold, sculpt, and form it before it starts to set. After 24 hours it's good to go.

It's best understood by seeing it in action. Watch this video.

I can't tell you have many Apple laptop chargers that I have had to replace over the years because of a frayed cord. I would have saved hundreds of dollars had I known about Sugru. I'm buying a pack. You can too over at the Sugru website. Check out more videos on the instruction page.

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Sugru: The miracle putty that turns anyone into an industrial designer
Sugru is a nearly miraculous super-putty that makes it easy to trick out and/or repair your favorite gadgets.