Smart Crock-Pot. Nifty! Smart refrigerator. Even better! Smart egg tray. Umm, sure, we’ll take it. Smart BBQ grill? Let’s think that one out for a minute  …

If there is a single household cooking appliance/accessory where the term “kindly, back the you-know-what up” applies, it would be the grill. After all, there’s a very good reason that the person who presides over the grill — generally, the man of the house — is referred to as the “master.” When it comes to grilling, any type of culinary backseat driving is strongly discouraged — there will be no tips, no tidbits, no unsolicited advice, no “oh … maybe you should try this out for a change” from a well-meaning brother-in-law. Just stand back, keep silent, and let the grill master work his absolutely flawless — and perfectly seasoned — magic.

But every dedicated griller also needs a chance to escape and take a load off, which, of course, means relinquishing control even if for just a few minutes. Enter the stainless steel Lynx Smart Grill, a mean, lean, Internet-connected grilling machine that domineering grill masters can monitor from a smartphone while he unwinds in a nearby lounger with a cold one. And if the griller in question is open to experimenting or is wet behind the ears and open to guidance, the Lynx Smart Grill, is more than ready to assist.

Described by Gizmag as a grill that harnesses “modern technology to cut the learning curve out of grill,” the WiFi-enabled, voice-activated Smart Grill is connected to an online database of recipes and cook times so that, if a griller is ever in doubt, the machine’s MyChef function will take charge, suggesting the best timing and techniques for whatever is being/about to be grilled. It will even suggest where on the grill to place the steaks or veggie kabobs “to ensure the best result and have everything ready to go all at the same time.” Welcome to the Internet of Wings. 

Writes Gizmag:

Of course, the masterful grill expert doesn't want to rely on some online database filled with other grillers' recipes. He's invested far too much time perfecting his craft to go back to square one. The Smart Grill includes a 'learning module' for these types, allowing its data to be updated to reflect the owner's preferences.

Now, all Lynx has to do is add an automated food-rotating system so that the griller can throw the food on and forget about it until he receives that mouth-watering 'done' text message.

As mentioned, once that there’s a certain level of trust established between the griller and the “fly-by-wire” system the drives the Smart Grill, he can feel free to wander off for a bit and enjoy himself — this is ideal for multi-tasking grill masters who are pulling double duty as hosts. (Because really, there's nothing more awkward than a party where the host refuses to socialize because he's completely and utterly distracted by the state of the hot dogs). The grill’s app will keep users in the loop throughout the process and, if their attention is needed, it will summon them back to the grill with a series of alerts. And if the griller gets distracted and neglects the “done” text messages sent from the grill — after 30 minutes of inactivity on the part of the griller, the grill will automatically fire itself down to prevent any burning.

At this stage, the Lynx Smart Grill is still a prototype but the company is aiming to release it to consumers at some point next year. As for price, it’s certain to cost a pretty penny, but as, Lynx explains “we expect the technology will cost a slight premium but our objective is to keep the price per unit of the production version well within the window of affordability for our customers.”

Any thoughts as we move closer to BBQ season? Will you welcome all sorts of smart gadgets and gizmos into your home but draw the line at connected BBQ grills? Are some things just too sacred?

Via [Gizmag]

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The connected kabob: Internet-connected BBQ grill offers assistance, relief
True, if there's one appliance that shouldn't talk back, it's the BBQ. But the Lynx Smart Grill could benefit grill masters who need to step away.