The mind-blowing dream sequences of "Inception" probably left you wondering how in the world the film's producers pulled it off. But the question of how they powered such feats of cinematic megawattage may not have come to mind. The answer will surprise you ... the sun!

Thanks to the initiative of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the set was electrified not only by the presence of major A-listers but also by an array of portable solar panels and solar-powered Star Wagons.

According to a recent interview with DiCaprio, it was his first solar-powered movie. In the planning stages of the film, DiCaprio approached Warner Brothers head Alan Horn with the idea, and Horn made history by green-lighting (pun intended) the first environmentally friendly Hollywood blockbuster.

DiCaprio sees this as an important step, but he makes it clear that we need to take strides to ensure the vision of a solar-powered future will not be confined to the world of lucid dreaming:

It's going to be a big conversion to do stuff like that every day, not just in making movies but everything in the world. We do a lot of things in the world that are wasteful. We keep talking about this all the time. Hopefully, fingers crossed, with these small steps, we'll make that transition on a much larger scale in the future.
Kudos to DiCaprio and Warner Brothers for waking us up to the power and promise of solar energy.

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The solar-powered dream world of 'Inception'
The magical dream world of Inception was largely solar-powered thanks to the initiative of Leonardo DiCaprio.