It's not everyday you get to post a thumbnail of yourself! Today I am making a guest appearance on the new Climate TV show hosted on Xool (read my post about the super cool webcast channel) and I invite you all to watch it at 4 p.m. PST (or anytime thereafter). 

We had a lot of fun on the show. If you missed it, here is the video.

The Climate TV show is hosted by Kevin Grandia of the DeSmogBlog, one of the leading experts on climate politics and the corporate-funded shenanigans designed to disinform the public on climate change. 

The timing for me is pretty perfect. I've reached a turning point in my understanding about the massive environmental and political challenges ahead for those of us who are part of the environmental movement. Despite the tragedy of 25 miner deaths at a Massey mine, I was just informed that CHASE bank (one of the biggest funders of Massey) will still not put to vote a shareholder resolution to divest from the mafioso-style operation that is Massey Energy. 

It's a tragedy and a testament to just how powerful the coal industry is in this country. Powerful not because they create jobs and bolster an economy. (They are, in fact, wreaking havoc on local communities be replacing hardworking miners with state-subsidized explosives). No, powerful because they spend a LOT of money in Washington.

If you want proof just look at the Obama administration's sneaky 1-2-3 punch that occurred on April 1. Obama announces off-shore drilling, and only moments later Lisa Jackson steals away the wrath of the progressive blogoshphere with a sweet, soothing placation — the EPA has just released a ruling that could maybe, possibly, at some point way in the future, limit SOME of the filling of streams and valleys of Appalachia due to mountain top removal. It won't stop mountaintop mining, but it sure will slow it down ... maybe possibly at some point way in the future.

Then as the green blogoshphere takes to waxing poetic about the huge environmental victory that the EPA just gifted us, they all but miss the sinister proclamation by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announcing that he is backing down from all of his (and Obama's) campaign promises by ruling against environmental and native rights groups who (through a federal lawsuit) sought to overturn the nearly unregulated toxic mine waste policy of the Bush administration. It turns out Salazar and Obama have no problem opening up millions of miles of public lands to a mining industry that cares very little for environmental responsibility.

I'm going to be talking about all of that and what a secret collective of bloggers, activists and concerned citizens are going to do about it. Here is the video.

The war is just beginning ... on Climate TV
Yours truly will be featured on the latest edition of Climate TV talking about mountaintop mining and the future of climate activism: 'The war is just beginning