Just in time for Valentine’s Day, popular hook-up joint IKEA has developed a new method of bringing couples closer (read: less bickering, more canoodling) through improved domestic communications: Emoji.

That’s right, everyone's favorite wind-powered furniture emporium from Sweden now has its very own downloadable emoji keyboard — a retail first — available for both iOS and Android. The tongue-in-cheek Dutch promo video for IKEA Emoticons describes the need for a “communication tool” that ensures “love and understanding within your home:”

Since the dawn of time, men and women have found difficulty in communication. Over the centuries, we developed language and physical expressions to bridge the gap between the sexes. But still, misunderstandings abound. In home situations, they are mostly about clutter.

With its latest attention-grabbing marketing stunt, IKEA is positioning in-house hieroglyphs as a passive-aggressive — cute, but still passive-aggressive — way to tell your significant other for the last time, pick those dirty clothes off the floor. Just text your spouse/significant other/live-in cuddle buddy two emoji — a heap of dirty cloths followed by a chest-of-drawers — and he or she should get the point, loud and clear.

Hate to be a nag, but didn’t I ask you to vacuum in the living room yesterday? And do me a favor and stop leaving half-eaten food around the house.

With IKEA Emoticon, this time-consuming-to-type-out request can easily be translated into three simple emoji: a vacuum cleaner, a half-eaten apple and, of course, a smiley face.

But seriously, if you don’t knock it off, you’ll be sleeping in the …

And PS: Could you be a dear and scrub the toilet when you get a chance?

Sure thing, babe, but dishes are all yours …

On the hunt for a misplaced wallet or gadget? Haven't seen it but did you try looking under the …

As with non-IKEA-branded emoji, be sure to choose characters with care as you don't want to inadvertently cause any alarm ...

In addition to whittling down argument-prompting requests, household chore-talk and mundane tête-à-tête into simple symbols, the IKEA Emoticon keyboard includes several emoji that may not work on a day-to-day basis but will make total sense to frequent IKEA shoppers: an Allen wrench, a hot dog, a frozen yogurt cone, a plate of meatballs with a miniature Swedish flag and, of course, an oversized reusable blue shopping bag.

Feeling lovey-dovey? Send your boo a text of FAMNIG HJÄRTA. Because, really, nothing says "I love you" like an alarmingly appendaged $5 heart cushion from IKEA.

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This Valentine's Day, woo your honey with IKEA emoji
I love you more than Swedish meatballs and a nonfat fro-yo cone.