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10 clock towers to spend some time with

By: Josh Lew on Nov. 27, 2013, 10:30 a.m.
Abraj al-Bait Hotel clock tower, Mecca, Philadelphia City Hall clock tower, Old City Hall Tower, Prague, Kremlin Chimes on Spasskaya Tower, Moscow

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Global faces

In pre-digital days, public clock towers provided the framework for people's daily lives, with chiming bells in towns all over the world telling residents the hour. These beautiful works of architecture and engineering also often signaled the exact center of their town, casting their shadow over important government buildings and city markets. Though people today are more likely to look down at their cellphones to get the time than to look up at a large public clock, clock towers still play an important role in the city landscape.

Some clock towers are known for their history, others for their design, and some have simply become tourist spectacles. These clocks might not be important for telling time anymore, but they are worth a spot on any sightseer’s itinerary. (Text: Josh Lew)