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Eco-photos of the week: June 20-26

By: Laura Moss on June 25, 2010, 7:39 a.m.
dog refugee camp in brazil

Photo: WENN

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Dog refugee camp

This shanty town in Brazil has been turned into a shelter for stray dogs in a bid to help house the thousands of adandoned pooches in the city of Caxias do Sul. The hillside slum would usually be occupied by the country's millions of poor residents, but this particular favela (Portuguese for "slum") has been taken over by the animal organization So Ama (Just Love).

The shelter houses 1,600 dogs and about 200 cats, but the charity struggles to make ends meet and the spiralling costs of veterinarian's fees and food is barely covered by the public's donations and the $14,000 they receive per month from the municipal government. Many still consider the favela's conditions to be heartbreaking.