Americans may not think home water waste is that big of a deal—we’re all guilty of running the sink while brushing our teeth from time to time—but according to the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA), household water leaks can waste more than one trillion gallons of water annually, which is equal to the yearly household water use of 11 million homes. That’s not even counting those extended teeth-brushing episodes.

Water conservation has become a way of life in places like California due to historic droughts. AT&T is doing its part to help by creating a special offer for its California customers aiming to help prevent water leaks.

For a limited time, beginning August 18, new AT&T customers in California are eligible to receive a $5 per month bill credit for six months when they sign up for AT&T Digital Life and add a Water Detection package. Existing Digital Life customers will also receive the bill credit if they add the Water Detection package. The Water Detection package includes a sensor to detect the presence of water in a designated area of the home. If water is detected, an alert is sent to a mobile device, letting the customer know a potential leak is in play.

Going a step further, AT&T Digital Life also offers a Water Control service, which allows users to shut off the water source remotely from their mobile device, thereby stopping a leak and reducing/limiting home water waste. If water conservation isn’t atop your personal priority list, avoiding massive repair bills over a leaky faucet should still resonate.

Through September 17, AT&T will also contribute $10 to The Nature Conservancy with each purchase of AT&T Digital Life products from participating California retail locations. AT&T’s contribution will support projects like “Save the Sierra Nevada: Save our Water.” AT&T’s minimum donation will be $50,000 and the maximum will be $100,000.

"Water is a vital natural resource and using it wisely is important not only to our business, but to our community, our environment and California's economy," says Ken McNeely, President of AT&T California. "AT&T is doing our part to help conserve water through our business operations, our products and services, and by contributing to The Nature Conservancy for investment in water projects to protect the Northern Sierra Nevada."

If you’re not a California resident, don’t fret. You can still sign up for AT&T’s Digital Life in your state if available or donate to The Nature Conservancy at

To learn more about AT&T’s water management efforts and how they’re using the power of its network to build a better tomorrow, visit

Big players are doing their part to help conserve water in California
AT&T partners with The Nature Conservancy as part of program that incents customers to prevent water waste at home.