John Schinter, AT&T's Director of Energy, explains that one of AT&T's most powerful tools is not a piece of technology, but an energy management system that helps optimize energy performance by focusing on metrics and accountability to drive behavior. At the heart of this program is an Energy Scorecard that generates easy-to-understand “grades” at AT&T’s top 1,000 facilities based on energy consumption and activity related to energy efficiency projects. In 2012, AT&T is expanding the program by rolling it out to 500 retail stores. 

In 2012, AT&T has partnered with a number of external groups that possess in-depth knowledge about energy management issues, including: Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps program, Rocky Mountain Institute, Retrofit Chicago’s Commercial Buildings Initiative, and the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Better Plants Program.

AT&T is making efforts to increase the amount of energy derived from alternative sources, including fuel cells, solar power, and wind. Alternative and renewable energy are greatly important to AT&T, so the company is looking for business cases that offer both environmental and financial benefits for their use.

John Schinter explains AT&T’s three-pronged approach to energy management
AT&T Executive Director of Energy, John Schinter sits down with MNN to explain his approach to effective corporate energy management.