When it comes to sustainability, improvements to a company’s supply chain are critical. AT&T is constantly working to upgrade its supply chain processes and as a result, lower its cost structures, reduce its impact on the environment, and satisfy its customers with more cost-effective products and services.

To that end, AT&T has set high expectations for its suppliers. Suppliers must continuously work to improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions and must comply with AT&T’s Supplier Diversity Prime Supplier Program. In addition, AT&T holds its suppliers accountable for their adherence to sustainable business practices and to a strong code of ethics.

“Working with our suppliers, we’re able to improve processes, reduce costs and have a lower footprint on the environment,” explains Nathan Sparks, executive director of program and project management at AT&T.

For example, last year, AT&T was able to work with its suppliers to improve the packaging of its DSL products. As a result, paperboard weight was reduced by 60 percent, plastic weight was reduced by 40 percent, and 1.3 million pounds of packaging were eliminated.

Now, AT&T has set two public goals for its supply chain to be met over the next two years: 1) A majority of its suppliers will track greenhouse gas emissions by 2015 and 2) by 2017, its top suppliers will achieve an average score of 80 percent or greater on its balanced citizenship and sustainability (C&S) scorecard.

For more information on AT&T’s supply chain initiatives, please visit http://www.att.com/csr.

AT&T is making a commitment to improving its supply chain processes and reducing its environmental footprint
By 2017, AT&T’s suppliers will score an 80 percent or better on its citizenship and sustainability scorecard.