AT&T is serious about boosting America's education possibilities. Whether it's through their Aspire Accelerator, a program designed to advance educational technology startups more rapidly, or through its Aspire Mentoring Academy, a program that matches employees with students who need mentors, AT&T wants to empower students by mobilizing education, powering career skills, and helping make connections.

There are currently 9,800 students enrolled in AT&T's nano degree program, which provides affordable, online programming for tech jobs. Through this program AT&T has helped to award more than 1,200 scholarships to future tech leaders. All told AT&T Aspire has allocated $350 million for education development which will go a long way in helping to prepare the future workforce for technology careers.

America needs a dynamic workforce to match the dynamic requirements of a 21st century economy, and AT&T is helping ensure we have one. For more information on how AT&T is helping change education in America, visit

AT&T taps into the power of its network to build a better tomorrow
AT&T is driving innovation in education through its philanthropic Aspire initiative aimed at empowering students to succeed in school and beyond.