Jeanelly Concepción was raised on the island of Puerto Rico, where she developed a keen sense of her lush natural surroundings and a desire to protect them. Since childhood, she has advocated for reducing, re-using and recycling.

When she became a trainer at AT&T, she saw an opportunity to reduce the amount of paper being used. She created a Do One Thing (DOT) campaign called Trainiacs Saving Trees utilizing the social media hashtag #Trainiacs as its call-to-action.

“I remember a time,” she said, “when we would print humongous guides for each student, and the facilitator guide was a 100-page document.” Today, she provides documents electronically and encourages her students not to print them out.

“It takes one person like Jeanelly to start an initiative,” Nate Edwards, Vice President of AT&T University, said. “But it takes everybody to make it a movement.” 

In the words of Wayman Walker, Master Trainer at AT&T University, “If we’re reducing the amount of paper that we use and being passionate about it, that’s something we can champion to others.” 

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Do One Thing: Corporate Trainers Saving Trees
Jeanelly Concepción, a trainer at AT&T University, began an initiative to save paper earning her recognition as a 2014 DOT Champion.