According to Mohammed Farshori, Lead Product Marketing Manager at AT&T, “Do One Thing is bringing employees together, regardless of what they’re doing. It could be a health initiative. It could be volunteer work. It could be anything that they’re doing to make themselves better, the community better or something for the customers.”

The service ambassador program Farshori created pairs an employee with a small- to medium-sized business to make the business aware of new AT&T products and services and offer ideas as to how they can help. The ambassadors become AT&T’s face in the community with the goal of providing an effortless customer experience.

“A customer is happy, the company’s happy. As an employee, I’m happy,” Farshori said.

The program offers employees the opportunity to build new skill sets and work with customers in new ways.

“In my regular job,” ambassador and Senior Technical Director at AT&T, Neelima Lakkaraju, said, “I don’t get to interact with customers directly. Last year, I enrolled in the service ambassador program, and I really love it. It gives you a lot of flexibility.”

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Do One Thing: Each One Reach One for Customer Care
Mohammed Farshori earns recognition as a 2014 DOT Champion by developing an AT&T ambassador program to better serve small businesses.