What began as a way for Nitin Dogra to battle two chronic skin diseases has led to him being named an AT&T 2015 Do One Thing Champion.

Dogra, a project manager at AT&T in Oakton, Virginia, created an initiative called the Living Well Project as part of the company’s Do One Thing (DOT) program, which encourages employees to come up with ideas they are passionate about and act on them.

“I started Living Well Project as an initiative to share hands-on tools and information with AT&T employees which they can incorporate in their life to improve their physical and mental well-being,” Dogra said. “I lead people through a guided mediation or guided visualization.”

Being afflicted with the chronic skin diseases psoriasis and eczema is what Dogra says eventually led him to try meditation, which has helped not only to keep the diseases under control but in other aspects of life as well.

“All of these techniques that I teach affected my immunity,” Dogra said. “I was able to improve. I could see that when the stress was reduced how it impacts my life. I become happier. I’m able to give more at my job. I’m able to be better in my relationship.”

Scheduled during lunch hours, the Living Well Project’s meditation sessions quickly caught on with fellow employees like Andrew Parr, an AT&T global export compliance manage.

“After just a half hour session, you come out more calm and relaxed and just ready to get back and take care of your day,” Parr said.

While being named one of this year’s DOT champions is an honor, Dogra says that, with the Living Well Project, he just wanted to share with his fellow employees, something that helped change his life.

“My only goal with this is to share these techniques so people use the techniques and benefit from it, and become more efficient and happy no matter where they are.”

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Do One Thing: Mastering the Mind Through Meditation
Nitin Dogra, a senior project manager at AT&T, has been named a 2015 DOT Champion for his initiative to help fellow employees improve their well-being.