AT&T's Do One Thing (DOT) movement empowers employees to make a real difference in themselves, in their communities and at work. Don Creech, senior manager eCommerce, was recognized as a 2015 Champion of DOT for his leadership in building a DOT team which has since grown to over 450 members.

Creech encouraged his team members to participate in projects which included volunteerism, recycling, reducing water use and pledging to not text and drive. To date Don and his team have tallied over 1,300 hours volunteering within the community, kept 12,000 pounds of trash out of the landfill thanks to its recycling efforts and garnered more than 400 pledges to not text while driving.

With the help of Creech and his team, AT&T was able to celebrate the remarkable milestone of 50,000 DOTs. While his efforts are worth noting, his team members say it's more than just the work that has them engaged.

"The thing that makes Don’s Do One Thing initiative so special is how great of a person he is and how he’s the biggest cheerleader supporting all of this," says Karolina Abbot, manager in AT&T's video solutions team.

As DOT Champion, a contribution of $2,500 was given in Creech’s name to the charity of his choice, which was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA.) While the money for charity was nice, Creech said it was more than just being about a cash donation.

"I’m just very thankful that AT&T allows employees to get involved," he said. "[It's] a great initiative to give back to our community and to give back, literally, to our world.

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Do One Thing: Team tackles challenges to make positive changes in the community
Don Creech, a senior manager at AT&T, has been named a 2015 DOT Champion for empowering employees to make a difference at work and home.