Finding the right balance between engaging students while working through a lesson plan has flummoxed teachers for years. Thanks to eduCanon, however, now there may be a solution.

EduCanon is a freemium platform (web and iOS) that empowers teachers to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers use eduCanon to harness the power of video in an engaging, rigorous and student-directed manner. The platform allows teachers to take online video and make it more active and engaging for students.

“Our founding group was teachers, so we really experienced the pain point of the classroom,” says Co-Founder Swaroop Raju. “Teachers are able to replicate themselves, their own teaching, and tailor it to each student.”

Raju and the rest of his team wanted to create a platform that empowers students to no longer be simply consumers of education. They wanted to develop game changers, which is what education technology startups are all about.


“The thing I love about ed tech is that it’s really a social impact venture,” Raju says. “Nobody in the industry…is really in it for the bottom dollar. You’re here because you want to make an impact on people’s lives and the future of education.”

eduCanon empowers teachers to create and share
eduCanon teamed up with AT&Ts Aspire program to introduce software allowing teachers to better engage students using online videos.