Catalina Ruiz-Healy noticed, like many of us have, that nearly every student at local community colleges was buried into a smart device in their free time. That sparked an idea. What if Ruiz-Healy could create an app that would help community college students stay on track to graduate?

“Educational attainment remains the most powerful factor in our country’s families’ economic prosperity, health and civic participation,” Ruiz-Healy says. “Community colleges, where a large percentage of our first-generation and low-income students attend, are a key part of the puzzle, which has gone ignored for too long.”

That’s what GradGuru does. It allows students to get reminders sent directly to their Android or iOS device. GradGuru is an advisor in your pocket. It allows community college students to get through college faster, kick starting their careers quicker. Important reminders related to financial aid, academic transfer information, and other school-related issues are sent directly to students, enabling them to stay on top of their to-do lists.

“If you share this information with them when they need to know it they would make better decisions, and that’s proven to be the case,” says Ruiz-Healy. “We make sure this can be as ubiquitous and as helpful as possible for as many students as possible.”

GradGuru: An advisor at your fingertips
GradGuru joined forces with AT&T’s Aspire program to make it easier for students to graduate from community college.