Genesys Works is a program that takes high school students from low income areas and offers them an eight-week training course, which takes place in the summer before senior year, to teach them the skills they will require to thrive in a professional environment. Upon completion of the training, students are assigned to an internship with one of Genesys Works’ corporate clients.

According to CEO Rafael Alvarez, “Genesys Works, in essence, changes the trajectory of life for low income students from one destined to a lifetime of dead end jobs to one where they will fully participate in the economic mainstream as professionals.” Now, 95 percent of students involved in the program go on to attend college, with more than 86 percent continuing on past the first year, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty.

Alvarez notes in the video that the relationship between Genesys Works and AT&T is perfectly symbiotic. AT&T is committed to improving education and to supporting the tech industry’s need for employees with STEM skills. The company began its involvement with Genesys Works by making a significant financial investment in the program but soon moved to taking on interns as well.

“The biggest benefit that any of the interns receive is they truly believe in themselves and know that they can make an impact,” says Joe Revane, area manager of quality, m&p, and process for AT&T.

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[Miguel] Genesys Works is a program. They talk to high school students. And, they'll train them for eight weeks to put them into a company like AT&T, or any Fortune 500 company.

[Wendy] We learned how to step out of our comfort zone. They helped us to apply in college and it was really a fun experience.

[Joe] The biggest benefit that any of the interns receive is, they truly believe in themselves and know that they can make an impact.

[Alex] I don't know any teenager, at the age of 18 to be able to say that, "Wow, I recovered $147,000. I work at AT&T."

[Alice] When it became clear that our goals were very much aligned with Genesys Works, one of the first things that AT&T did was make a significant, and financial, investment. AT&T now also is hiring some of those Genesys Works interns.

[Bob] The students fit right in. They get a sense of what it's like being in a professional environment on a daily basis.

[Maria] After a year with my intern, I'm truly impressed with the quality of training that the intern was provided by Genesys Works.

[Rafael] On average, 95% of our students, when they finish their program, go on to college. But, what's more impressive than that, is that over 80% of them succeed once they get to college.

[O'Sha] I learned a lot of things here at AT&T that, you know, I'll keep with me for the rest of my life. Any student that hears about Genesys Works can have the opportunity to get to Genesys Works. I encourage you strongly to do it.

[Rafael] When you realize how relatively simple it is to change the trajectory of life for a young person, to breaking that poverty cycle, and getting to a path that is going to allow them to live in the economic mainstream, there's just no other feeling like that in the world.

Hands on learning: Genesys Works training prepares disadvantaged students for future careers in technology
Through the support of AT&T, non-profit Genesys Works is able to lead high school students on a path to college and beyond with a 95% success rate.