Lea(R)n Co-Founder and CEO, Karl Rectanus, began to formulate his approach to improving education technology by speaking with the educators themselves. Why not go to the source, after all.

“We think teachers deserve a voice, and we think schools and districts deserve modern tools to make data-driven decisions,” says Rectanus. “We are laser focused on K-12 digital technologies because teachers told us that’s what they needed most.”

Lea(R)n empowers educators and their schools to know and manage which technology products are best for their classrooms. U.S. schools and districts spend $8 billion every year as they incorporate technology into classrooms; yet, they have no data to know which products will work best for their students, teachers and schools.

To solve for this issue, Lea(R)n developed LearnTrials, a research-backed online platform. Designed by and for educators, LearnTrials combines rapid, contextual teacher insights with public and private data to create highly configurable portfolios, side-by-side comparisons and data-rich report cards on any technology product. The system allows schools and districts to run 80 percent more efficient, reliable product pilots and evaluations, resulting in better instructional and financial decisions.

“It’s time we empower and harness the insights of our experts in the classroom—our educators—and provide their districts with trusted, practical tools that solve the real challenges in helping every single student learn in the modern world,” Rectanus says. “Data without context is hearsay.”

Lea(R)n went to the source to improve education technology
After working with hundreds of active teachers and with AT&T’s Aspire program, Lea(R)n hopes it will make a real impact on education technology.