Find a cause you care about and join thousands of other people in making a pledge, signing a petition, raising funds or learning about important issues at The social platform makes it easy to make a difference in areas like environmentalism, human rights and education, with the click of a mouse. Since 2007, over 600,000 causes have started on, and users have raised over $45 million.

In this video, Director of Business Development & Sales Aaron Schiller and Vice President of Business Development James Windon talk about how the platform helps companies like AT&T make a positive difference in the world. AT&T has joined up with to debut Connect for Good, a program that allows the telecommunications company to connect its 170 million customers with initiatives that are important to them.

Companies like AT&T play a significant role in the philanthropic action that takes place on the site. Every year, corporations give over $20 billion to charity, and makes it easier for them to connect with non-profit organizations that can help them achieve their goals.

Over 180 million people - nearly one in two Americans who use the internet - have become a user and joined an average of five causes. Users can help causes they feel passionate about by committing to take an action, like pledging not to text and drive. AT&T makes a donation to a designated nonprofit working in a particular issue for each pledge supported by Connect for Good.

"Our partnership with AT&T focuses on bringing to life Connect for Good, which is a platform for AT&T to run the three pillars of their sustainability and philanthropic initiatives within the Connect for Good community," says Schiller.

"We're able to launch campaigns one after the other throughout the calendar year, cross-pollinate the people who care about those different issues. I never wake up any day doubting whether AT&T is committed to the issues that we're running. The questions I have to ask myself is are we doing enough to make sure that that impact has been felt and that we're bringing things to scale."

Learn more about how you can help at Connect for Good.

Making a difference with the click of a mouse: Tech meets philanthropy at and AT&T offer Connect for Good, a program that encourages the telecommunications company's customers to support charitable causes.