Using interactivity and gamification to connect kids to education has been around for a while, but Peter Gault, executive director of Quill, wanted to do so in a way that helped both the teacher and the pupil.

“There’s this huge revolution going on right now in education,” says Gault. “All the old methods that have been around for hundreds of years are being thrown out of the window. There are all of these new possibilities that are opening up.”

Quill is a platform for web applications that teaches writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills to K-12 students. It creates strong, effective authors by providing students with instant feedback and personalized activities.

Teachers save time grading homework and can easily generate differentiated learning paths. Administrators and teachers can use Quill Progress Reports to ascertain students’ mastery of the Common Core standards. This powerful tool is free to anyone with an Internet connection.

Gault’s team created an education concept that allowed for a Oklahoma University professor to cut down the time it took to grade one assignment by hours, allowing her to make better use of her time. So while the technology is great for students, it has added benefits to teachers, too. Gault and his team utilized AT&T's Aspire Accelerator program, which allowed the company to grow both in terms of seed funding as well as better educating itself in the marketplace.

Quill currently features three apps: Quill Grammar, Quill Proofreader, and Quill Writer. In the coming year, we will introduce apps that teach vocabulary, peer feedback, and expository writing.

Quill is a nonprofit, open source community, and more than 100 educators and developers have contributed to it. Our long-term vision is to collaboratively build a series of educational apps.


Together, we can engage students in every aspect of the writing process and empower them to write their own stories.

Quill has the answer to how to get kids to love learning
An education technology platform that kids gravitate toward and saves teachers time would be a dream right? Meet Quill, aiming to make your dreams come true.