Every year, AT&T, for example, spends tens of billions of dollars with tens of thousands of suppliers. Each of those suppliers, in turn, has its own supply chain. AT&T views this chain as large ecosystem for sharing its own sustainability philosophies and helping them take root.

AT&T’s sustainable supply chain management philosophy began with the issues of awareness and alignment, implemented through principles of conduct suppliers were expected to follow. The philosophy then quickly broadened to include accountability and action, implemented through a supplier scorecard that evaluates supplier performance in terms of sustainability.

Today, this sustainability performance is a key part of the overall supplier performance equation for AT&T, in addition to the standard price, quality and delivery components. The company believes that all businesses have to recognize that their actions have an impact on the world around us.

Learn more about the AT&T sustainable supply chain model from an interview with Chris Tsai, Executive Director, Project Management, Supply Chain & Fleet Operations.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management - A Big Deal for Big Business
One of the biggest impacts a business can have on the environment is through supply chain management.