AT&T Telepresence Solution combines the strength of our global networking capabilities with Cisco's TelePresence technology to deliver a fully-managed, scalable, highly secure and reliable environment to meet with customers, partners and suppliers...


Need velocity? Introducing the AT&T Telepresence solution. Instantly connect colleagues, customers and partners virtually in person across the campus, across enterprises, and across the globe. Built with Cisco, and designed and managed end to end by AT&T, this industry first makes it as realistic as being there. 

State of the art HD video and business to business connectivity for point to point or multipoint meetings. Delivered over AT&T’s unmatched global NPLS network, this highly scalable secure solution promises hassle-free connectivity via dedicated virtual private networks, a managed service that reduces technological risk and improves total cost of ownership. 

Increase collaboration, accelerate decision making, speed time to market, do it with velocity. The AT&T Telepresence solution.

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The Boardroom. Reinvented.