Corporations are always looking for ways to build value, and a key building block is real estate, literally buildings and particularly, office space where employees spend the majority of their time.

AT&T teamed-up with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) as part of RMI’s Portfolio Retrofit Program in an attempt to address challenges associated with realizing energy efficiency in office buildings.

The project included five major steps. First, the team reviewed the office portfolio to evaluate energy performance and physical characteristics at a building level. Second, it the team selected a “model” building that has characteristics common to many buildings in the portfolio. Third, RMI worked with AT&T to conduct a deep energy analysis of that building and conversed with the management team to understand the realities of that facility. Fourth, the team facilitated a corporate workshop to review findings and discuss barriers and opportunities. Finally, RMI and AT&T synthesized results and developed recommendations to move forward.

Learn more about the strategy and implementation of the Retro-Fit Challenge through interviews with AT&T and RMI team members.

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