When you're ready for a new cell phone and trying to decide between several different handsets, how can you get important information about  how each phone impacts the environment? Just look to the stars. AT&T is putting starred sustainability ratings right on the packages of new AT&T branded mobile phones with its eco-ratings.

As you'll learn in this video, AT&T eco-rating is a great way for consumers to better understand environmental impacts of the products they buy.

Working in conjunction with BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), AT&T has developed a rating scale that evaluates products on 15 different criteria in 5 categories including hazardous substances, environmentally preferable materials, product energy efficiency, end of life take-back and environmentally responsible manufacturing. The criteria cover environmental attributes like the percentage of recycled metals used in the device and the restriction of toxic compounds such as lead, cadmium, mercury and nickel.

Data about the products is used to calculate a score of one to five stars. Beside each eco rating is a scannable QR code that will provide access to detailed information on the product's score, broken down by category and criteria. The labels will soon appear on new AT&T mobile handsets.

Learn more about the AT&T eco-ratings program at att.com/ecospace

What are the sustainable attributes of your phone? AT&T Eco-Ratings help you find out.