Most modern men feel naked without an arsenal of cutting-edge gizmos and gadgets at home and on their person. But what about gadgets for men who also happen to be treehuggers? No problemo.

There are numerous eco-friendly gadgets for men on the market sure to score you green brownie points with Mother Nature and with that tech-savvy girl next door with the nice pair of … USB drives. From sound systems made from sustainable wood to bamboo laptops to LED alarm clocks appropriate for stylishly sustainable bachelor pads, here’s a few of our favorite man-friendly green gadgets.

Numbers LED Alarm Clock by Jonas Damon for Areaware

Waking up in sustainable style – or just keep on schedule – with Jonas Damon’s Numbers LED Alarm Clock, an energy-wise, dude-friendly timepiece that’s ideal either bedside or gracing a tabletop or desk. The clock consists of a chain of four 2-inch tall cubes that each display a single glowing LED digit. Arrange and rearrange ‘em as you see fit.

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Vers 2X Hand-crafted Sound Systems for iPod

Vers 2X Hand-crafted Sound System for iPodEvery self-respecting audiophile has a “system” that a. delivers quality sound; b. drives fellow audiophiles wild with envy each time they walk into your home. The Vers 2X iPod sound system delivers on both these fronts – it truly does “sound as good as it looks” – with a standout green feature: the system’s powerful, energy-efficient class D amplifier and speakers are housed in a wood cabinet handcrafted fromsustainably harvested plantation hardwoods or rapidly renewable bamboo. And for every tree that Vers uses in production, 100 more are planted via a partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation.

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Android phones

Android phonesLooking to escape the rather limited world of iEverything? Make your next mobile device a phone that runs on Google’s revolutionary, open source Android platform. Android phones boast superb web functionality and a slew of man- and eco-friendly apps to boot. We recommend starting off by downloading the Men’s Health Workout app, PedNav and the super cool Find Green App. And we’d feel guilty if we didn’t mention the Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’10 app for Droid.

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The Scorpion

The ScorpionA Swiss Army Knife for rough n’ tumble yet discerning 21st Century men, Etón’s crank- and solar-powered Scorpion “multi-function unit” has got it all: AM/FM radio, weather band, LED flashlight, aluminum carabiner, USB cell phone charger and a bottle opener, natch.

It's ideal for popping open an adult refreshment after a long day of trailblazing and, umm, tailgating. Don’t leave home without it.

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Asus U Bamboo Collection

Asus U Bamboo CollectionFrom the boardroom to the bedroom, a sleek, stylish laptop computer is a must-have for every plugged-in man. Enter U Bamboo, a particularly handsome collection of energy-efficient laptops from Asus – an electronics company with a serious commitment to environmental responsibility – that sports cases and other elements crafted from sustainable brown Moso bamboo in lieu of plastic (the use of plastic is reduced by 15 percent with these models). We recommend working from your local Starbucks with one of these low-impact lookers … they’re a real chick magnet.

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Powermat Wireless Charging System

Powermat Wireless Charging SystemThe Powermat is pretty much every gadget geek’s wildest dream come true: a single place where you canwirelessly charge– no plugging and unplugging from a tangled mess of cords – up to three enabled handheld devices at the same time. Designed to meet EnergyStar efficiency standards, the Powermat has an auto shut-off feature as well as audio and visual alerts so that you know what your device is fully charged. A stroke of pure geek genius.

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Know about other cool gadgets for men? Let us know in the comments below.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

6 green gadgets for guys
Gadgets for men. There are numerous eco-friendly gadgets for men on the market sure to score you green brownie points with Mother Nature.