Al Gore apparently let slip that Apple plans to release its new iPhones next month.


Gore, who has served on the computer company's board of directors since 2003, was speaking in South Africa at the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit when he reportedly mentioned the company’s plans. Toby Shapshak, editor of the South African edition of Stuff magazine, quoted Gore on Twitter, and the news quickly spread online.


According to Shapshak, Gore spilled the beans thusly: "Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug."


Rumors about when the new iPhone would be introduced have been swirling for several weeks. Some speculated the next version would come out in September while others pegged it to October. Apple typically keeps such dates and announcements secret until the company is ready to unveil the new product.


Earlier today, however, AllThingsDigital’s John Packowski quoted "sources close to the situation" in reporting that Apple would hold its next big media event on Oct. 4. At that event, Packowski wrote, Apple's new CEO Tim Cook will introduce the new version of the iPhone.


Apple did not immediately respond to the Mother Nature Network’s request for comment on Gore’s statement.


On the technology blog GigaOm, Darrell Etherington noted that the former vice president’s use of the plural "iPhones" could have several meanings.


"Even though Gore did say 'iPhones' and not just the singular 'iPhone,' we shouldn't read into the phrasing too much, despite rumors Apple will diversify its smartphone line," Etherington wrote. "Gore may just have misspoke, or he could be referring to multiple storage capacities of a single model of iPhone 5."

Al Gore spills the beans on new iPhone
Al Gore apparently let slip that Apple Computer plans to release new "iPhones" next month. Gore spilled the beans thusly: "Not to mention the new iPhones coming