There's an app for virtually everything these days, so it's no surprise that Zingy, an app that bills itself as the "Uber for dog-walking" has taken off in Los Angeles.

More than 300 walkers have joined the on-demand dog-walking service since in its first month of operation, and while Zingy is currently available only in the Los Angeles area, the company is planning to expand nationwide.

Here's how it works: Pet owners sign up for an account and create a profile for their dog that includes information like the canine's name and gender.

Owners can select the length of the walk and include special instructions about providing dog treats and water. However, Zingy doesn't allow pack or off-leash walking.

As for the dog walkers, each one must pass a six-point background track and in-person interview, and they must undergo training to become Zingy certified.

Only 25-30 percent of applicants are selected, according to the company.

And if you're looking to walk shelter dogs in your area — or even on vacation — there will soon be an app for that as well.

A San Francisco couple is developing Walkzee, an app that would pair dogs in shelters with people who want to walk them.

Charlie and Cristina Saunders were inspired to develop the app after walking an 8-year-old shelter dog named Biz Z during their Hawaiian honeymoon.

Many shelters offer such programs because getting dogs outside where they can socialize and meet potential adopters is a great way to increase the animal's likelihood of being adopted.

Here's how the app will work: Participating shelters will list the dogs available for walks, allowing people to search dogs by location and submit a request.

Once the walk is complete, walkers can leave reviews for both the dogs and shelters, and they'd be able to make donations through the app — or even begin the adoption process.

The Saunders launched a Kickstarter to fund the app and easily made their $20,000 goal. They expect Walkzee to launch in June.

And as for Big Z, the dog that inspired it all, he's been adopted.

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