Weren’t satisfied with the last list of the best Android apps? Here’s a round-up the best free Android apps currently available in the Android app store.

After all, you already pay a pretty penny for your phone’s voice and data plans. Shouldn’t your apps be free?


Speaking of free, why pay for ringtones? Download Ringdroid from the app store and you’re on your way to editing any MP3 on your phone into a customized ringtone. One of the perks from Ringdroid is its waveform interface! Read more: Ringdroid app

Google SkyMap

Stop looking down at your screen so much and start looking up at it with Google SkyMap. Using your GPS data, the app will label every celestial body in the sky on a clear night, including some of the ones you can’t see! Read more: Google SkyMap app


Keyboard not working? Frustrated with your mouse options? The Remotedroid app has you covered. Using your WiFi network, the app turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse after you enter your IP address. Read more: Remotedroid app


Probably the best exercise app out there (including any you could find for Apple), CardioTrainer can function as a pedometer, design your workout music and keep track of your progress with graphs, charts and maps. Read more: CardoTrainer app


Apps should make your mobile experience more streamlined, and the Moviefone app does just that. Instead of booting up the mobile Web browser, load the Moviefone app to check show times for your favorite flicks. Read more: Moviefone app

Slacker Personal Radio

We love Pandora, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes their catalog isn’t as deep as we’d like. Enter Slacker! Sporting more music and a very fine interface, Slacker is no slouch when it comes to Internet radio. Read more: Slacker Personal Radio app

The Weather Channel

Sure, your phone can check the weather for you, but do you get the kind of in-depth features that comes with the Weather Channel’s app? We didn’t think so. Read more: The Weather Channel app


We love Dropbox here at MNN, and you should get on the bandwagon. Able to sync and access files from the computer of your choice, Dropbox lets you access those documents from a Web browser or your phone, and keep everything on the same page. Read more: Dropbox app

Gem Miner

You only have a limited view of the map, have to find gems and ore to sell and have to be careful not get crushed or fall down a shaft. It’s pretty suspenseful, despite its adorable aesthetics. Read more: Gem Miner app


It’s a very pretty, touch-based version of the classic space-based arcade games (like “Space Invaders”). What more could you possibly need? Read more: Radiant app

Did we leave your favorite best free Android app out of the list? Drop us a line in the comments, and tell us why you think it’s among the best free Android apps.

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